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Physical Exercise and Bodybuilding

Stretches to relieve common muscle tension.

Today's body faces unique challenges, primarily because we spend a lot of time sitting and using electronic devices.

The following stretches are designed to target muscles that are tight in the general population.

Neck circles

It is common for people to stretch their necks forward when looking at a screen; this causes a significant amount of stress.

Frequent stretching can restore blood flow to tighten muscles and remind us to maintain better posture throughout the day.

Center your head between your shoulders (this is where it should be all the time, but we often go off track).

Bend your neck to the right, bringing your ear closer to your shoulder. Turn your head forward slowly until your left ear is closer to your left shoulder.

Now slowly turn your head back. Once you return to your right ear over your right shoulder, reverse direction, going back first. Keep alternating. Do this about 10 times, 3 times a day.

Shoulder roll

When the neck is stretched forward, the shoulders usually sag forward as well. This strains the muscles of the upper back.

Put your shoulders in a neutral position. Slowly start making circles with them, lifting them up, pushing them back, bringing them forward and start over.

This helps us remember what the neutral position of the shoulder is and provides fresh blood flow to them.

When you lower your shoulders back, squeeze your shoulder blades together; This will stretch the muscle in the front of your body that contracts when you collapse. Do this 10 times, 3 times a day.

Psoas stretch

The hip flexors, namely the psoas, are muscles that run from the top of the femur to the lumbar vertebrae. When we sit, these muscles are held in a shortened position.

Over time, they learn this position and become chronically tense. Tight psoas muscles can pull the pelvis downward, increasing the arch of the lumbar spine and causing a number of biomechanical problems.

Drop to the ground with your weight distributed over the left knee on the ground, the calf against the ground, and the right foot resting on the ground with the right knee bent. Forward lean.

Your right knee should not go past your toes; if the latter occurs, readjust your position. This stretches your left psoas. Reverse the legs to stretch the straight.

Hold this stretch for at least 15 seconds and do it 2 or 3 times a day depending on how many sitting positions you have done.

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