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Scientist suspended, for exposing Pfizer Vaccine to the world. See what she said about this vaccine.

Here is the link of the source Twitter Suspends Science Writer After He Posts Results Of Pfizer Clinical Test | ZeroHedgeSocial media platforms have been criticized for sharing information that is crucial for determining the lives of people. There is information that when it reaches people, it can divert and be interpreted wrongly. Some people want to hear what they want to hear, they want to read what only makes sense to them. Sometimes it is difficult for them to comprehend some of the concepts said about vaccines, because there is a lot of science behind them. As much as social media platforms are good, they are bad, as they are responsible for sharing fake content that ultimately changes people's perspective towards many things. 

It has been alleged that this scientist who has been sharing information about Pfizer, and showing people how bad and ineffective it is, has been suspended by Twitter. Is twitter staggering a war against the truth? Scientists are responsible for the manufacturer of these vaccines, when there is something wrong, they want to alter people and not have the guilt, when things go wrong, knowing that they shared this information with the public. However, freedom of speech on twitter is limited, and people wonder why Twitter took her down for sharing this information about the well known Pfizer vaccine. 

This scientist posted the results of a Pfizer trial, showing people how ineffective this vaccine is when administered to human beings, and it was comparable to the placebo drug. The placebo drug is actually the control drugs and they want to see how people will react towards the actual vaccine and the control vaccine. The post was stating that from the clinical trial, the Pfizer vaccine showed no signs of reducing death when infected by Covid-19, 15 people who received the vaccine during the trial died, and those who received the placebo also died. She shared the data, but was quickly instructed by Twitter to remove her post and faced suspension.


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Pfizer Vaccine


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