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Here is why it is not enough for those who are Vaccinated

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it becomes difficult in South Africa as many of Those who are Vaccinated are still expected to take other doses of Vaccinations in the meantime . When things started , there was nothing such as this , but suddenly it’s like almost everything is starting to change in the meantime .

Things like these are not at all Supposed to be taken for granted in the politics of South Africa , but they should forever be given the attention it deserves all the times . It’s not everyone in the communities who follows news all the times , it’s always very few Individuals from the collective who always follow news and understand how things are happening really in the world from time to time . 

The people who really Sacrificed and get vaccinated even before u derstanding these vaccines, it will be difficult for them to stand firm again and be ready to continue taking these vaccinations at these points and time . They will never understand this culture very well in their life , unless if things were explained very well .

The Governement when it comes to Vaccinating citizens should come with approaches which will make everyone feel very well and not doubting when it comes to these vaccines. Otherwise it can reduces the power which the government want to wage and invest in fighting against the Covid-19.

What I have realized is that so many of the South Africans still understand nothing when it comes to these vaccination. And the blame it can’t be given to them that much , chances are that we might be having so many people who do not invest power when fighting against so many issues of which are happening in the meantime all over the country . That’s exactly how things were happening at that particular point and time

I personally agree only with the issue of booster because people and particulary South Africans must be hgetting help and assistance , but anything other than that I disagree. It shows that many took a stance of giving out vaccines before understanding them well and such will have effect in South Africa in the long run if South Africans do not trade careful

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