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After a nurse reveals the secret that vaccinated people will die in 2 years, See people reaction.

New York City nurse Kate Shemirani walked the city's streets, handing out previously unseen information about the current outbreak known as COVID-19 and the vaccines that are currently available. My eyes have been opened to things that I didn't even know existed, and I'm sure there are many more like me. My readers would find it interesting to hear what she had to say in light of the fact that I was a little surprised by it.

As a nurse from the United States, she's an outspoken critic of immunizations. She disclosed the hidden intentions for the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccines themselves. I believe that COVID-19 is a virus created by humans with the sole intention of destroying the countries in which it is spread. This is a viable method for reducing global population growth by moving individuals across countries, she claims.

Moreover, she asserts that the COVID-19 vaccines are a population-control tool. She uses the statistic that those who have had vaccinations have a two-year life expectancy following their delivery as evidence to support her point that vaccines are designed to kill. She warns that some people may pass away before or after the two-year mark. Each and every one of those who received the vaccine seemed doomed to death.

Yes, she answered, when I inquired about the link between vaccinations and the 5G debate that has been hitting the news. On the other hand, even if she repeats herself endlessly, some people may never accept a word she says. My trust in her is unshakeable. With my attention focused on what's going on throughout the world, but particularly in South Africa. Numerous deaths are directly related to vaccinations, and this isn't a coincidence.


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