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Dealing with depression without professional help

Depression has been a major issue that many people suffer from. It can come in many ways like having difficulties in your relationship, losing a job and maybe losing your loved ones.

While many are unable to seek or afford professional help, you can still deal with depression from your home.

In this article i have come with ways that can help you to deal with depression if you can't afford professional help.

Here are ways to fight depression without a professional help.

1. First admit that you are facing that situation and be easy on yourself

2. Crying helps it eases pain and don't forget to kneel down, speak to God about your situation

3. Try drinking warm milk

4. Surround yourself with people you can be open to them about what you are going through.

5. Avoid being alone and talk to someone who gives you positive attitude

6. Find something that can keep you busy

7. If you can't be open to someone you know, try talking to a stranger. That deep conversation with someone you met inside the bus from work can work wonders.

8. Read books

9. Watch your favorite movies

10. Do workouts to keep your body and mind in balance

11. Listen to your favorite playlist

12. Take it easy on alcohol

13. Take your dog or any type of pet you have for a walk to get some fresh air

For those who can afford professional help, here is what your doctor will diagnose you with.

▪ your doctor will ask you questions your health and a physical exam will be conducted.

▪ if need be and necessary, blood tests might be taken for lab testing.

▪ a questionnaire script will be provided to you for answering questions about symptoms and how you feel. It is called a psychiatric evaluation.

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