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There was a decrease in Covid-19 fatalities on Monday evening in SA : Here is more information

The Covid-19 continued to be one of the causes of deaths in South Africa on Monday evening . The pandemic became part of the causes of fatalities in South Africa after its outbreak . People have been losing their lives since 2020 and it was the same case on the 24th of January 2022 . Information that was shared on Monday evening revealed that there had been 14 people who lost their lives as a result of the pandemic . This was a decrease in terms of fatalities in comparison to what was the case on Sunday . The number of fatalities decreased from 17 on Sunday to 14 on Sunday .

This may have been a decrease in the number of fatalities , but the damage that has been caused should never be forgotten . There are more than 90 000 people who have died from the pandemic since it was fist detected in the country . The Department of Health has been advising members of the public to get vaccinated against the pandemic . This is because Covid-19 vaccination is reported to be instrumental in helping reduce possible hospitalizations nd even deaths . When an individual gets vaccinated , it is alleged that it reduces the risk of getting infected .

Looking at the infections as of Monday , it was noted that there was a decline in regard to the new Covid-19 positive infections . Information that was shared on Monday revealed that there was a decrease in regard to the new Covid-19 cases to 1332 . The cases have been on a declining mode for a number of days . The cases may be decreasing , but it does not imply that the pandemic is coming to an end yet . Compliance to lock down protocols remains top priority .


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