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What are your views on calls for only vaccinated individuals to be allowed in these places? Read More

We are in an apartheid country but is hard to see because this time we are abused by our brothers and sisters with the same skin. South Africa used to be a democratic country and most tourists recommend our country as a nice peaceful place.


Now things took another direction, everyday people kill each other, we experience kidnapping, robbery, hijacking, and corruption. All those things are done just because someone wants to have power alone. Our leaders are too greedy, they think for their own pockets, failing to understand that in the future this will affect their children.

At this moment we are facing a global pandemic of covid-19, there are millions of funds that were out to help to prevent this virus. We are still experiencing this problem even now, our leadership fails to come up with a strategic plan to stop this virus.

Our president Of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa announced that there will be n9 one who will be forced to take the vaccine, he even repeated it three times. He said no one will be denied access from any public service if she or he is not vaccinated. Now things have changed and he wants to make vaccines compulsory, failing to be vaccinated will be prohibited from many places, including work.

Now they say only vaccinated individuals will be allowed to travel in busses, taxis, and Aeroplanes or to eat and drink in restaurants and taverns. The same government failed to force service to reach people, water and electricity, jobs, and other essential things. How could you save someone's life by giving him clothes but not food? People will be vaccinated but still, die from hunger.

The government's decision will cause division in the country. You can not force someone to take a vaccine that is not effective, people die after taking the vaccine and covid-19 can still attack you even when you're vaccinated.


As a South African citizen, what is your view about this matter?. Your view will be highly appreciated.

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