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Natural cure for hypertension, stomach ulcer, diabetes, chest pain e.t.c


This normal combination helps in recuperating (hypertension), stomach ulcer, diabetes, chest torment, and wounds. 

It additionally has the accompanying advantages: 

• It keeps up with sound heart condition 

• Helps in blood course and streams 

• Prevents aggravation 

• Reduces pressure 

• Energizes torment inhibitor 

• Reduces cholesterol 

• Serves as resistant and energy supporter 

Allow me to let you know all you need to think about the quiet executioner called hypertension. 

Hypertension is the steady ascent in the circulatory strain over 140/90mmHg, Normal pulse goes from 100-140mmHg. Hypertension is a typical persistent issue and a perplexing medical condition. If not immediately treated, it can prompt numerous different issues in the body, like cardiovascular breakdown, kidney illness and stroke. 

Manifestations of Hypertension: 

• Frequent migraine particularly toward the beginning of the day. 

• Body shortcoming 

• Dizziness 

• Insomnia (restlessness) 

• Nervousness 

• Sight issue (counting visual deficiency) 

• Shortness of breath 

• Elevation in circulatory strain 

Reasons for Hypertension: 

• Heredity ( family inclination) 

• Heart abandons 

• Oral prophylactic pills 

• Emotional pressure 

• Obesity 

• Alcohol and cigarette 

• Fatty food varieties 

The executives of Hypertension: 

• Always eat a low-cholesterol diet 

• Eat an even eating regimen 

• Both physical and mental rest ought to be utilized 

• Reduce the admission of espresso and liquor 

• Hypertensive individual ought to try not to be overweight 


1. Aloe vera 

2. Dark seed 

3. Garlic 

4. Thyme 

5. Pineapple 

6. Pepper mint leaves (discretionary) 

Technique for Preparation: 

a. Concentrate the aloe vera gel by mixing and sifting the aloe vera plant. 

b. Concentrate the pineapple juice by mixing it subsequent to stripping. 

c. Crush/pound the thyme, dark seed, garlic and the pepper mint leaves together. 

d. Blend the over (a, b and c) together and drink two table spoonful morning and evening. 


This combination has been tried and utilized by numerous patients and worked viably with next to no incidental effect. 

Compassionately like, remark and offer with others to benefit.

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