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Starchy food not good for ladies: See how it affects you.

There are certain foods that reacts when consuming too much , people have different levels of this enzyme, different things will work for different people, for some people, eating more starchy food might be to fill their stomach more quickly by targeting this system, meaning they eat less overall

Most global nutrition efforts have focused on calories – getting starchy staple to people, we need to focus on the quality of calories for poor countries, not just the quantity

But eating too much starch as ladies create a problem such as yeast infection, some ladies can eat as much starchy food as they can and some ladies their system cannot take it at all, Opinion: if you’re type one diabetic this means you’re not allowed to consume starch in your body which in a long run will cause you yeast infection, so consuming too much starch vary from woman to woman, it is important to check in with your doctor on the level of insulin as that can also play a role in consumption of starch

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