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South African lady who claims she removed HIV from semen.

Dr Lebo is a fertility specialist. She says she did a procedure called decontamination procedure which is removing HIV from semen. A lot of people were shocked that this procedure exists. Others even asked what's the use of removing HIV from semen because there is PMTCT program in South Africa.

"I’ve done 20 semen decontamination procedures (removing HIV from semen) so far and I managed to successfully remove the virus from all semen samples." She tweeted.

"What does this this really mean? I’m curious to know. People who are infected can still have HIV negative babies and not infect their partner(STB).We have PMTCT programs. Is this procedure necessary?." Said @Zamiey.

"Lebo really has the best job in the world. The other day she posted about how she waiting for a patient to produce a semen sample and apparently it took so long. I cracked up so much." Said @Nosisaid.


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