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OPINION | We will fight for our rights if anyone want to vaccinate us by force


We have amongst the rights in the Bill of Rights the right on choice of treatment. I want to see how are they going deal with this right because last time I checked the Constitution was the Supreme law. If vaccination is truly good as these mafias preach, then everyone would like it, once something is forced on someone then people must be very very very suspicious. At least there are sectors that still believes in human rights, Cosatu is non sense

Cosatu has no mandate, they do as they wish because they are leading or representing old people, but we will fight for our rights if you want to vaccinate go vaccinate but if you refuse like me its my right, the government need to respect that

Its been a while police getting bribery so now its time for nurses to eat, how much is vaccination card I'm talking to nurses, others please bump and do what Im thinking. The government must keep arguing like that about whether to make this jab mandatory or not, I am waiting to hear when they dare say it's mandatory and I'll be joining forces with those who want to demonstrate that we are against itIt is funny how Cyril Ramaphosa was quick to allow Satanic church in SA, but now forgets we also have rights. With South Africa's highy unemployment rate how are they gonna reach the unemployed, they just developing a them versus us scenario. They should have more visible campaigns in promoting the jab, the government will never force you with something good for you unless if it for their benefit. They use to offer us some food parcels I mean door to door when they campaign for elections but they failed to deliver, the very same food parcels when it was needed during level 5 lockdown. So why should we trust this vaccine that they try to shove it down to our throats? Some of us we are not stupid enough to trust this government with their vaccine

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