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Heartbreaking| Will South Africa's Third Wave Also Come With Mental Disorders?

Date: 08/04/21


The whole world was in shock when they heard the fact that people who survived the third wave of coronavirus infections ended up developing neurological damages and mental disorders. This was the side effect that nobody told the world about. This study came out from the United States of America since they had already experienced the third wave of infections that side. The study was performed on those that had recovered.

What was found was that over time, a third of the people who had recovered from the virus developed some brain damage of some sort. Some people were found to have gone mentally ill after recovering from the virus. This was one of the first studies that was done by the scientists in America. The issue here was that they never thought such a side effect was possible, they only knew side effects to the internal organs of the body.

The whole of Africa has not yet experienced its third wave of the virus, even some parts of Africa have not encountered the 2nd wave. This is why it has people wondering if the third wave will only apply in the USA or will also come to Africa. South Africa on the other hand is set to experience its third wave of infection somewhere in June. This is according to the predictions by South African scientist.

There is no sure say about the matter of a country like South Africa experiencing issues like mental disorders due to the virus. It is all run by the time of variant of Covid-19 the country has at the time. The reason why the USA is having such a reaction is because of the predominant Covid-19 variant in that country. South Africa or other countries in Africa might have an entirely different variant with different side effects.

South Africa still hasn't experienced the side effects from the virus that America has. Like bell palsy where half the face loses function. Americans got that from the vaccines. This means that the genetic makeup of Africans could be strong enough to avoid any side effects that might come with the third wave of the virus. The only sure way to know this is to go through it. The country is hoping to avoid the third wave of infections as much as possible.

What is your take in the matter? Were you aware that mental damage and disorder came with Covid-19?

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