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Green tea and honey has some great health benefits, here is a few

Green tea with honey is a good beverage to drink, it doesn't only taste good, but it can be beneficial for our health.

The combination could easily be an everyday drink to many people.

Here are some of the health benefits below:

1. Benefits the heart

Green keeps the heart healthy and in good working condition or keeps the heart functioning properly

2. Manage cholesterol

Green tea lowers bad cholesterol, yet increasing good cholesterol. It is very important to keep cholesterol levels in control. The consumption of green tea with honey aids in keeping bad cholesterol under check.

3. Fights bad breath

Green tea with honey helps in fighting bacteria and viruses in the mouth and eliminate bad breath. Green tea contains polyphenols that keeps the mouth free of odour, and honey is able to help fight bad breath.

4. Good for bone health

The consumption of green tea and honey helps strengthens bones muscle, as a result a person can have healthy and strong bones.

5. Gives healthy skin

Green tea with honey exterminates toxins from the body, it replaces it with healthy minerals and vitamins. The two both contain antioxidants that help renew skin cells while giving it a glowing and younger look.

6. Improves brain function

The combination helps the functionality of the brain.

7. Ease common cough

The combination of green tea with honey helps strengthen the immune system and helps fight the viruses and bacteria that cause common cold and flue.


Content created and supplied by: Augustus_tee (via Opera News )


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