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Will government take action against Judge John for being against vaccine? Check what he said

Judge John Deed feels like this vaccine thing is just another plan for the government to eat money.


Judge John Deed wants nothing to do with vaccines on his body, he told everyone on his social media that he is not going to put something on his body because someone says so. Judge John said that if the vaccine is really helpful then we should have seen vaccinated people living with no fear of covid-19.

" I Struggle to grasp the irrationality gripping the whole over this covid-19 thing. It's mind-numbing. How can so many people be so irrational? scientists themselves tell us that the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission. Yet government insist everyone must take a jab to prevent spread, "said judge John Deed.

At some point judge John has point, why should the government force people to take jabs while it doesn't prevent the spread or getting infected.

This matter needs to be addressed thoroughly. Please leave us with your own opinions about this matter.

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