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Ways That Singing Benefits Your Health.

People love to sing. Whether or not they can carry a tune, people seem to understand that there's something positive.

Relieves Stress. - Singing reduces stress levels whether the participants were singing in a group or by themselves.

Stimulates The Immune Response. - There's some evidence that singing may boost your immune system and help you fight off illness.

Increase Pain Threshold. - When you sing in a group, whether it's a large choir or small group, the act of collective singing causes your body to release endorphins. This hormone can help promote positive feelings, and even change your perception of pain.

May Improve Snoring. - Regular singing may change the way you breathe, even when you're not snoring.

Helps With Grief. - Singing in a group doesn't just help you with physical pain, it may also help with the emotional pain you feel after you've lost someone you love.

Improves Lung Function. - Because singing involves deep breathing and the controlled use of muscle in the respiratory system, it may be beneficial for certain lung and breathing conditions.

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