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Mzansi In Shock as No Vaccine, No Entry Has Now Begun In South Africa

A large number of South African citizens are still very much amazed at the new regulations that have been passed by the South African government recently. They've released a full statement that said certain people who aren't vaccinated in South Africa may not be allowed to enter a stadium to watch soccer games. 

This indeed is really surprising because only sports games are the exception when it comes to not entering without a vaccine.

The speaker of South Africa trumpeted the move to stratum 1 about a week ago and he definitely stated that outdoorsy events may have up to things and he nowise mentioned anything about vaccinating.  

For thode who have been following the news about the illness all across the globe and South Africa, no one saw this coming. When vaccination started in the country, the moderator of South Africa stood in front of an entire 60 million population and stated no bone will be forced to get vaccinated. Now that they confining peoples movements via vaccination it seems like they are edgeways forcing people to get vaccinated. 

In my own opinion, the Government made a good idea by preventing some people from entering the stadium if not vaccinated but many would be surely angered because they might want to watch their favorite team playing after sacrificing lots of things to watch it.


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