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Suger diabetes diet guidelines

Diabeic Diet

Fear factors

A. Increasing weight.

B. Increased dependency on ready to wat foods.

C. Sedentary lifestyle.

D. Poor diet intake.

E. Heredity.

F. Age, obesity

G. Stress, Increased adrenaline and adrenocortical hormones Increases blood suger level.

Leads to blood sugar levels.


Neuropathy: The increased blood sugar level damages the tiny blood vessels which causes tingling and a burning sensation, usually from the tip top of the toe finger and gradually moves upwards. If left untreated, increased and all the senses are lost in the affected area.

Nephropathy: high sugar levels in blood causes damage to dedicate glomeruli ( tiny blood vessels in kidney) resulting in inefficient filtration and kidney failure.

Retinopathy: diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels of retina, potentially leading to cataracts, glaucoma and blindness in many cases.

Cardiovascular diseases, skin conditions ( bacterial , fungal infections)

Diet recommended for people with diabetes millions or high blood glucose levels.

Diabetes is mainly categorized into

A, Type 1 diabetes ( IDDM ).

B, Type 2 diabetes ( NIDDM ).

C, Gestational diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes.

Occurrence: 13-30

Compilations: the body does not make insulin and is not able to metabolize glucose.

Treatment: insulin injections and a balanced diet maintain blood sugar levels.

Type 2 Diabetes.

Occurrence: 40 and about

Compilations: The body produces insulin but does not respond to it.

Treatment: healthy, balanced diet and slight change in lifestyle ( physical exercise )

Gestational Diabetes.

Occurrence: During pregnancy.

Compilations: Puerpera sepsis, During high blood sugar levels, excess glucose passes through the placenta to the foetus.

Treatment: Eating balanced diet, regular social exercise for pregnant women.

Do's and dont's

A, Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

B, watch your carbohydrate intake, eat maximum of complex carbohydrates like whole grains, cereals and pulses.

C, Low Glycemic index food should be consumed.

D, Roast your veggies with a sprinkle of olive oil, pepper, a pinch of salt a little lemon,.

E, Limit your intake and portion size of mildly sugary or starchy vegetables, for eg: potatoes, yam, sweet potatoes.

F, Avoid simple glucose, table sugar, honey, molasses and syrups.

G, Don't skip meals, increase your fiber intake and drink water 1-1,5 ltr/day.

H, Reduce fat intake and adopt healthy methods of cooking like, roasting, boiling and baking.

I, Loose weight, if you are over weight.

J, Avoid too many bakery products.

We have a watsapp group where we teach each other about sugar diabetes. Use the following link to join us.

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