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Skin Care

Opinion: Impepho A Great Herb For Eczema

Impepho has been used by our ancestors as a burned incense that attracts ancestors and have been used to chase away evil spirits, but there are many uses of impepho. Impepho when its boiled you can drink it when you suffer from eczema and also you can bath with it and with in a few days the spots will disappear.

Impepho is a cheap herb that can be found in traditional chemists, people who sell it on the market or you can get it for free in a forest near you. God gave us herbs for healin, spending huge amounts of money buying expensive creams that have chemicals that are harsh for the skin while herbs are free near you. Herbs have no side effects because they are natural and were put there for a purpose. Our ancestors used herbs and they lived long and reached hundred years, nowadays its a bonus to even reach 60 years because we consume chemicals.

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Eczema Impepho


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