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How many days does one need to rest a muscle group after a workout?

There are a lot of factors here; read on, intrepid reader.

The first is how much volume you did, usually measured by how many sets. If you do just one set, yes, you might only need 24 hours to recover, but most people do more than one set if they want to see actual progress.

Another is your intensity. Heavy weights take longer to recover from than lighter weights. Often it isn’t the muscle that is the limiting factor, it is the JOINTS. If your quads take 24 hours to recover but your knees take a week, you aren’t going to be squatting every day.

Another is RPE, or rating of percieved exertion. This is basically how close you go to failure. THe closer you go to not being able to do any…more….reps….the longer it’ll take to recover.

Another factor is muscle group. The larger the muscle group, the longer it will take to recover. So, your quads and glutes will take the longest, your chest and back will be a bit quicker, while your arms and shoulders will be fastest. Check how much a bicep curl can damage….

…and how much a deadlift can damage:

The larger and stronger you are, the longer it will take to recover. More tissue damage means more recovery time. If you’ve ever gotten a cut or scrape, you know this to be true.

Women recover faster than men for this very reason-men are stronger and bigger generally, so are just doing more damage to themselves when training. So if you ask a woman coach who has never trained men before, and doesn’t train heavy, she might say 24 hours, because that’s all she knows.

There are so many other factors as well, sleep and diet are both crucial for recovery, as well as simply being able to relax. If you can’t relax, you’ll always have trouble recovering.

Bottom line, it’s different for every individual and every workout and anyone who spits out a fixed number is full of (sh)it!

If you are working out with any kind of volume or intensity, it will take MUCH more than 24 hours for the muscle to recover. Usually, it’s between 48 and 72 hours (2 to 3 days). For someone VERY big and strong doing a lot of volume it COULD be 4–5 days, if not a week in some cases.

You really do need to experiment with yourself to see how long it takes YOU to recover.

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