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OPINION| Do you know why we are still on lockdown level one ?

Cyril Ramaphosa wants to make vaccination at workplaces mandatory, thats not going to change anything because we don’t have jobs, what work place? He once told us we will never be forced to vaccinate and now he change the tune. Ramaphosa will be responsible for this country going into flames, if you're vaccinated you should not fear as you are covered against death etc, that is not my theory that is what the scientists say. It is clear that he meant to close the country but feared tht ANC will be voted out then changed

This one thinks he is smart he is making us calm now and only pushing the vaccine agenda, two weeks from now he will come back with immediate effect. In near future covid19 will be history if it allowed them to campaign for elections, we will be back to normal soon president has noticed the anger in people. Government they are all corrupt instead of telling people the truth about this virus which is totally a political thing, as long I serve a living God I don't care what they do, they can vaccinate the entire planet. Can name this virus different names saddest part is that they can't feed the staving people, while Bill Gates rejoicing he wants to control people like divergent robots, how can they say 4th wave coming they are not God, only God can predict the future and I thank you enough said. I feel like we don't have rights and freedom of speech anymore. We are now forced to be vaccinated, like it or not. At first Rama said it's not a force now we can't go to stadiums without vaccine. Last month I applied for a job and I was not taken because I'm not vaccinated. I feel uncomfortable with this vaccine because we no longer have a voice

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