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Would you eat or pass?" one recently asked their followers if they would eat this burger or not.

Reports say that one should only eat one burger a week if they want to do what's right for their health. The reports also recommends less than 4 eggs a week and only one serving of dairy a day. There are many sayings about burgers in terms of their benefits and disadvantages of being consumed.

Basically it is also said that, burgers can prevent weight gain and enhances your fat loss by improving the metabolism of the body. Each and every cell has protein. It is an essential compound in your body which help you to keep your body active and productive.

There are so many studies that shows the advantages and disadvantages of eating burgers. A lot of people love eating burgers because they are so mouthwatering, especially if they are juicy and meaty. One tweep recently took to social media to share a beautiful picture of a mouthwatering burger as they asked their followers if ever they would eat or pass.

Their post caught a lot of people's attention and Twitter was left divided about eating or passing this burger. Would you eat or pass? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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