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Covid-19| Forget About The 4rd Wave, South Africa Is Winning the Fight, Here is Why

Date: 19/11/21



Before this month started, fear was running around the whole country as it was said that South Africa is likely to enter its fourth coronavirus wave of infections in November. It has now been 19 days of November and the country is still holding on very well. It can even be argued that the country is doing better than it was when this announcement of the fourth wave was given. At the current moment, it seems the country extending a state it has never been in the fight against the virus.


Currently, the country is standing at a record-breaking 96.4% recovery rate from Coronavirus infections. This means that out of 10 people who get infected only four people have not recovered. The country has never reached this height of recovery rate before. Currently only about 17000 South Africans have the coronavirus.

This is a very good number as the country has never gone below 20,000 active cases since the first wave of infections. This clearly shows that the fight against the virus is actually being on at the current moment. Below is the graph of recurrent infections which also shows that the country is currently standing at its best moment in this fight against the virus.


The best things for South Africans to do is for them to enjoy this current moment before the cases start rising again. This has been one of the longest the country has gone wild on level one of the lockdown. This just shows how well the country is currently handling this Corona virus pandemic and making sure that the cases do not go up rapidly.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think that will be able to go through November without entering the fourth wave?

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