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The most well-hidden Covid-19 secret is finally out

It is a secret that left many people in pure shock and lost for words to say the least. Over the past few weeks, the government has been trying by all means to hide the secret, but it finally made its way out to the light.

According to various studies that were distributed on Twitter this morning, The Presidency of South Africa has been lying to the many South Africans all along.

"The WHO studies that were hidden shows that Someone who is “fully vaccinated” with the J&J vaccine is, per the data submitted to the FDA, 67% protected against infection; whereas those with natural immunity are 99% protected against reinfection. Why is the first group included and the second group excluded from the workplace?" said the Twitter user.


When the pandemic first started, there were promises that the vaccination would not be mandatory and that it would be a free will decision- But now it is mandatory even though it compromises the people's health and puts millions of people's health at risk more than if they were not vaccinated-


which begs the question... are vaccine really chips made to control the population as the people have long feared, if not then why are they forced down people's throats as if they immunise them while they are really just endangering them?

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