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The following products can be harmful to your lungs

The very first of all products which can harm your lungs are cigarettes. Smoking can be very dangerous, it can cause you lung diseases by damaging your airways and the small sacs found in your lungs. You can suffer from COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Smoking cigarettes can cause you lung cancer.

When you smoke cigarettes you allow nicotine to enter your bloodstream, it will increase your pulse and blood pressure. This will lead to your sense of smell being reduced, as you know that nicotine is a stimulant it will make your brain release the feel good chemicals and make you want to eat.

When you smoke cigarettes you force the brain to release adrenaline which will creat a buzz of pleasure and energy. If you don't satisfy the urge you will start feeling anxious, irritable, tired, and down and it may force you to smoke again.

As for beginners, the first time you try to start smoking you will often feel pain, burning in the throat and lungs. But then it differs from person to person, some people throw up the first few times they start smoking.

Well the is this one chemical which is very dangerous, nicotine. Nicotine is very highly addictive, it can cause blood pressure, heart rate, flow of blood to the heart and narrowing of the arteries. Nicotine can also cause heart attack by hardening the walls of arteries.

The are very few reasons for people to smoke.

1. Some people smoke because of stress

2. Some smoke to feel good and relaxed

3. Other people smoke because they feel that smoking makes the alert

4. Some say smoking helps them to concentrate

The nicotine chemical can cause skin problems by constricting your blood vessels reducing the flow of blood to your skin. When your blood flow is reduced, your skin doesn't get the necessary nutrients it needs to remain healthy. The more your skin blood flow is reduced, the more wrinkles. These wrinkles may not be facial only, infect it can be the whole body.

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