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Eat More Beetroot To Fight Inflammation, Restores Sick Fatty Liver, And Prevents Diabetes.

I think beetroots are underrated and deserve more credit. They are root vegetables harvested all through summer and late fall. Don’t throw away the leaves! You can throw them in a salad or smoothie to mix up your greens. Beetroots are delicious, nutritious and store very well. You can actually keep them for months! Just remember when you have eaten them, so you don’t think you have blood in your stool the next day. Beetroots may give your stool and urine a reddish color.

You can easily include beets into your diet adding a cup of beetroots to a juice, smoothie, or salad is more than enough to gain the incredible advantages this vegetable has to offer. And don’t skip on the beetroot greens, either! They actually contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than the beetroot itself.

Here are just a few reasons to consume more beets:

1. To fight inflammation throughout the body

Beetroot contain essential pigments called betalains. It have been found to have various anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Maintains a healthy liver

Regularly drinking beet juice, or adding them to your diet, has been found to increase the amount of certain detoxifying liver enzymes. These help to protect the organ, and allow it to work more efficiently.

3. Can assist people with heart failure and heart disease

Another health advantage of beetroot is its nitrate levels, which have been linked to increased power in our muscles - including our heart. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice improved muscle power in a patient with heart failure.

4. Brain health

Drinking beetroot juice can increase blood flow to the brain in older adults. Poor blood flow to the brain contributes to many disease states, and is also a factor in the decline of physical and cognitive function as we age. Dietary nitrate, such as that which comes from beets, was found to enhance regional brain perfusion in older adults in critical brain areas used for executive functioning.

5. Diabetes prevention

The antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid found in beets can assist lower glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity and prevent oxidative stress-induced changes in people with diabetes. Alpha-lipoic acid also can assist lessen the nerve damage that can arise in sufferers with diabetes.

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