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Prostate Cancer Symptoms If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately

Almost all prostate cancers are adenocarcinomas. This cancer develops from glandular cells that produce prostate fluid, which is added to semen.

By national Cancer Institute, after lung cancer, prostate Cancer is the most common type of cancer men. And 2 out of 7 will be determined by that there during life. This is quite worrying statistics, especially since many men are not even find out where the prostate is there bodies. Unfortunately, many men do not even know they have it Prostate cancer until the cancer has spread makes it more difficult to treat after prostatitis Cancer is difficult to detect by luck systems in the early stages. If you think you may be at risk for prostate cancer, Talk to your doctor about testing. It earlier your doctor found treats the tumor,



 This is benign prostatic hyperplasia gland. The end result of BPH is what we are talking about Prostate cancer. (This is when BPH is left without be treated).


 *Like all cancers, the exact cause Prostate cancer is not easy to diagnose. In many cases, many factors can be involved, these include; * Excessive masturbation. 

*Old age (aging) Genetics / family history * VE exposure to environmental toxins. 

*Geographical location: Poor diet Success in exercise or physical activity.

 *The use of chemicals. Delay / storage of urine. Bad sex. Men with more than one partner.

*Multiple sexual partners. Especially enough success in sexual activity 50 years later. V Overweight / obesity


 enlarged prostate gland / Prostate cancer is as follows.

*heartburn or pain when urinating / Sudden uncontrollable urges to urinate. 

*It is difficult to start urinating or hold backus / more frequent urges to urinate especially at night

*loss of bladder control Decreased urinary flow or velocity weak or interrupted urine flow.


*Persistent pain in the lower back, pelvis upper thighs especially after sex reduced sexual ability Painful orgasm / pain during ejaculation Anxiety during sexual intercourse Strength or weaker erection difficult to maintain or maintain ( erectile dysfunction)

 *Bleeding instead of semen during sexual intercourse.

 *to blow very fast in love ( premature ejaculation) 

*blood in semen

*Chronic constipation other intestinal questions.

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