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Use fig leaves to cure diabetes and figs for lung inflammation

Use fig passes on to fix diabetes and figs for lung aggravation 

Regardless of whether new or dried, the figs are wealthy in various solid phytonutrients, cell reinforcements, and nutrients. The sweet figs are one of the primary natural products in which our antiquated precursors appreciated. In the Center East, stays of fig trees matured more than 11 thousand years have been found. It is conceivable that individuals developed figs before wheat, grain, and vegetables. 

With the exception of its reality in the Mediterranean, figs are filled today in numerous nations of the world. The most far reaching and most famous species is normal fig (lat. Ficus carica). Every year, it can deliver 200 various types of various sizes and tones each day. The developed fig has the state of a ringer or pear, with succulent meat in the inside. 

Medical advantages 

In spite of the low-calorie content (just 74 calories for every 100 g), figs contain solvent food filaments, minerals, and nutrients. New figs are esteemed for their wealth of cell reinforcements like carotene, tannins, lutein and chlorogenic corrosive. 

Furthermore, new figs contain undeniable degrees of cell reinforcement nutrients, for example, nutrient A, E and K. Cancer prevention agents shield us from free extremists whose dangerous action can prompt untimely maturing, dementia, heart disease and cancer. 

Simultaneously, studies demonstrate that chlorogenic corrosive balances the glucose level. Figs, just as other fiber-rich food varieties, help to shed pounds and keep up with the ideal weight. 

Anticarcinogenic compounds – benzaldehyde and coumarins – were found in figs. Primer clinical exploration has affirmed the possible activity of these mixtures on prostate and skin carcinoma. 

Figs take care of the issue of wavy eyes and areolas. Overnight, place a half-cut new fig in a painful spot. Eliminate the fig in the first part of the day and wash your feet in steaming hot water. 

Dried figs – superfood 

Dried figs are a profoundly focused wellspring of minerals, nutrients, and cell reinforcements. They have a larger number of calories than new – 249 calories for every hundred grams. Both new and dry figs contain a lot of B nutrients like niacin, pyridoxine, pantothenic and folic corrosive. 

These nutrients take part in the digestion of starches, proteins, and fats. The B complex is huge for the mind work, particularly for positive disposition. 

Dried figs are a plentiful wellspring of minerals of calcium, zinc, potassium, selenium, iron, and copper. Iron and copper are expected to make red platelets, while potassium is a significant part of cells and body liquids, and controls heart beat and circulatory strain. 

Cooked figs like tea, assist with cerebrum diseases, aggravation of the throat and lungs. 

The leaves from figs are restorative 

The leaves of figs have for quite some time been known for their therapeutic properties – it treats bronchitis, areolas, liver cirrhosis, hypertension, skin issues, and wounds. 

However, the oddity is that fig leaves are additionally amazingly acceptable for diabetes. Use fig leaf juice immediately with breakfast. 

You can likewise heat up the fig leaves in the water and drink as tea. 

Tea from fig leaf against diabetes: 

Pour two teaspoons of dry fig leaves with a cup (200 ml) of bubbling water. Cover and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then, at that point, continue. 

Each day, have a glass of this tea at breakfast.


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