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How much water you should drink during a workout.

Drinking water plays an important part of maintaining healthy habits. It is recommended that an individual should at least drink 8 glasses of water a day which is equivalent to 2 litres of water. While this is quite clear for most, there is still a question that still stands and that is how much water one should drink during a workout. In this article we will look through that and help you get a clear idea about water intake and working out.

Before doing any of you workout at least 30 minutes before drink around 250ml which is equivalent to a cup of water. This will keep you body hydrated just before you start working out. Having at least 500ml of water just 30 minutes within finishing up your work out. If you do 1 hour of workouts 500ml is a good amount to have during your workout.

If you do more than 1 hour or about 1 hour and a half you might want to add some electrolyte filled sport drinks during your workout as water alone may not be enough.

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