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In Shock: South African first Nurse to receive vaccine has died

It has been reported that The Karl Bremer Hospital has confirmed that staffer, who was the first nurse to receive the Covid vaccine in South Africa has died.

The Karl Bremer hospital is the first hospital in South Africa to started with medical staff vaccination in the republic of South Africa.

The hospital also confirmed that the Nurse of this Nurse was not as a result of the jab.

She got the vaccine in February 2021, and passed on in September 2021 and some people on Facebook are saying her death has something to do with Covid-19 vaccination but after that period How can we say she died because of taking the vaccine?

After her vaccination, she was seen of government different videos encouraging people to take vaccines as she also just did.

Dan Plato shared that as a comment on Adams video, "thats what i told you. It doesnt matter if you feel fine now. Lets see in 2 years time what the consequences will be, and you laughed in my face. I guess we didn't have to wait that long. Pity you didn't want to believe all the evidence i showed you and the videos i played for you. Instead just like other vaxxers, you rather try to make fun of me. Well, how did thát work out for you, Iris????? Sad."


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