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Inshock; See what a doctor found a girl's stomach, after she complains of Stomach Pain.

It was understandable that her parents were concerned when Aakansha Kumari's weight dipped below 42 pounds and she was unable to keep meals down.

Her father saw that she had a prominent bump on her stomach, and she was immediately transported to the hospital to be examined.

It wasn't what they were expecting when they realized what they had.

Aakansha's stomach was obstructed by a massive ball of matted hair – called scientifically as a trichobezoar – that took up 80 percent of her stomach space and was steadily making its way down her colon to her intestines and colon.

There were two mental health diseases, trichotillomania and trichopagia, that had been troubling Aakansha for years before this occurred.

Individuals suffering from the former disorder are classified as those who compulsively tear their hair off their bodies - whether it is head hair, facial hair, or any other hair on their bodies.

According to the definition, victims of this illness are unable to stop themselves from eating their own hair on an obsessive basis.

Both of these illnesses are frequently associated with other types of mental health issues.

To her relief, Aaskansha underwent a successful surgery to remove the hairball at Doon Medical College and Hospital, which is located in India.

Instead of taking a chance on any bits of the object falling further into her body, doctors needed to be able to remove the entire object in one piece.

Aakansha is doing much better now, and she is receiving the assistance she requires.


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