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Ladies help her stomach is growing as if she is pregnant doctors do not see a baby, see her pictures

A lady posted on Facebook crying asking for help. She is 27 years this year and she is from the Eastern Cape. I lady is in pain after having her stomach growing as if she is pregnant. She went to to a lot of medical doctors asking for help but they told her there is nothing. She always feels something moving inside her stomach as if there is a baby. She did go to the scan but they told her that there was nothing inside. Her stomach is growing every day if you look at her pictures you can think she is 5 months pregnant. she doesn't know what to do now and went to Facebook to ask for help. She is thinking that maybe there is someone who is experiencing the same problem. You know even if they say she has a boyfriend he can even dump her thinking that she is pregnant. She went to a lot of Eastern cape doctors with her mother but they always give her a lot of medicine. Some there are telling her that her stomach is full of air she must drink a lot of water. But painful she feels something moving inside her stomach like a baby.

She told people that she once felt something moving inside her stomach like a ball. Then it's going to exist like a baby. When it was supposed to come out it's just busted like water. When she checked on top of the bed it was wet but it was not the urine just pure water. She doesn't know what is the course of this anymore she is just scared because she doesn't know what will happen next. Sometimes she believes that someone did this to her but she doesn't have any idea that there might be someone who hates her to that extent.

People on Facebook told her a lot of things, some are saying it's might be cervix cancer. But the problem is that if it was cancer doctors were going to see it. The only thing they tell her is that there is nothing wrong with her body. Her parents are confused even people on Facebook don't know the correct answer. Some believe that it's a baby but it's hidden inside her that is why even on the scan it will not appear. Some people believe in ancestors.

So they told her that the ancestors are the ones who hidede her baby. She must go to traditional healers they will help her. Her story has shocked a lot of people who never believed in such things. Please Opera make her story trend so that she can find help. I believe that there are people who have faced her problem. Readers, please comment below if you know how you can help her. Make sure you share the article with other people. Follow me for more news every day.

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