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We all carry our phones to the toilet. 3 reasons you should stop carrying your phone to the toilet.

Cell phones have evolved into a sophisticated and adaptable instrument that is utilized by the vast majority of people throughout the globe. According to studies, 90% of individuals use their phones when using the restroom.

Here are 3 reasons you should stop using your phone in the toilet;

1. High risk of getting a haemorrhoid: Using your phone in the toilet for extended periods of time causes you to sit longer, increasing your chances of getting a haemorrhoid.

2. Exposure to germs: Germs adhere to surfaces and spread rapidly when handled. Using your phone in the restroom increases the likelihood of germs adhering to the phone's surface. When you use your phone in the restroom, you expose it to pathogens such as E.Coli, salmonella, and C. These might raise your chances of contracting an illness.

3. High Risk of Addiction: When an activity is done often, humans tend to form new habits. Because your brain has gotten used to the toilet us setting, you may get hooked to using your phone in the toilet at all times. In more extreme cases, these addictions may lead to larger addictive disorders, such as the usage of pornography.

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