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Divorce Affair

Umndeni: Check What Dabula Is Going To Wear On Vacation, Maseko Is Upset

Maseko, Nkanyezi and Mamkhulu paid Fezile a visit, Fezile tested again and the results came back positive again. Mamkhulu feels sad to see Fezile sick but she still have doubts about him contracting Covid-19. Fezile was happy to see his husband but he could not hug him because of social distancing. Maseko and his wives went out to get some traditional medicine for Fezile, Nkanyezi was chopping the tree.She was shocked when Maseko stood there and watched them, instead of helping. Maseko called his wives to the lounge, he wanted to talk about what Nkanyezi did. Nkanyezi could not believe Maseko is still on her case, she even asked him if he is holding grudges. Fezile and Dabula are the only ones that do not know about Nkanyezi cheating with another guy, today they heard the news. Nkanyezi told Dabula why she did not want to tell him about the situation, she felt like Dabula was going to judge her. Dabula clearly told Nkanyezi he would never judge her for what he does behind their back, it is non of his business. Nkanyezi told Dabula the reason why she cheated on their husband, Dabula was confused. Nkanyezi apparently cheated because Maseko bought a ring for Dabula before her, she was hoping to be the second wife.Maseko's wives are going on a vacation without him, they did not even let him know they are going. They arrived at their destination, they decided to bring up Maseko's attitude. They are all not impressed by how he behaves sometimes or most of the time, they went on a vacation to get away from him for few days. Dabula is going to wear a bodysuit/swimsuit, he is so excited. On the next episode, they got home from the vacation, Maseko is upset because he was not told about the vacation.

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