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If you getting Vaccinated your 4-5 wont work anymore. Cyril Talking

Half of South Africans respected President Cyril Ramaphosa and his position as well so bad, until he disappointed some of us. There's is this video is going viral on Social Media twitter, video of President Cyril Ramaphosa saying South African men's don't wanna get Vaccinated because they are afraid of their 4-5. Cyril say he heard South Africans saying their 4-5 won't wake up anymore if they take jab of vaccine. So they can't be vaccinated. He made it as joke but deep down is hurting some of us South Africans. Because he didn't show enough respect to South African men's. What kind of leader say that hurting words. President Cyril Ramaphosa must watch his tone when he speak, he must respect his position as well. To watch the video of President Cyril Ramaphosa talking about 4-5 please click the link below:

President Cyril Ramaphosa must stop Making jokes about South African men's and focus on his country, on how to fix his country, because South Africa has a shortage of schools where Teacher to Pupil ratio is 1:35 in Public Schools as a response Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC led Government decided to cut the Education Budget by more than R20 Billion going to 2023. How ironic their slogan says "a better life for all". His ANC People have tarnished the reputation of Black people with their incompetence and Corruption. To a point where simple work like excavation to open trenches for underpinning has become a difficult task to complete by Municipalities. Hence some even refer Apartheid as "better". We South Africans we are hurt by Ramaphosa and lastly President Cyril Ramaphosa must men up, because if we can ask him a question of what has President Cyril Ramaphosa's Administration built and finished in the last 4 years of governance? Just one infrastructure project designed and fully completed in those 48 months which makes people believe voting for such a party can fix leaking pipes, potholes in their communities. What our President did something visible to South Africans is he started and finished digging 1 Million graves for us.

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