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The 3 Best Energy Boosting Supplements

Feeling dull and low on energy? Not enough sleep in the day? Lack of sleep? When it comes to boosting our energy, we like to add nutrient packed supplements to our morning smoothie or tea.

Before using any supplements, it's important to sync with your doctor to ensure the product is a good fit for your body. With that said, here are natural powders and oils to consider adding to your diet, if you're looking for alternative ways to increase energy and promote more endurance.

Find out how to generate power for your body:

3. Bone - Broth Protein Powder

The amino acids found in bone broth are said to help transform glucose into valuable energy which makes it a beneficial option to use in the morning before a workout. Many protein powders are made with whey, which is derived from milk, but since this product is formulated with bone broth instead, it's great for a dairy free diet.

2. Coconut -Based MCT Oil

MCTs are fatty acid chains that are said to create instant energy and help build lean muscle. Try this supplement post exercising for the drive you need to power through the day.

3. Blue-Green Algae

100% percent organic blue green algae can speed up the recovery of muscle tissue, boost your immune system and increase your stamina. It's said that this specific blue green algae is the most nutrient dense food known to man, with over 65 vitamins and minerals.

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