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These Signs Indicate Personal Growth and Evolution

These are a handful of "signs" that I have noticed in my life that have indicated personal growth and evolution. It is important to take time to occasionally look back at how you might have evolved and grown in your mental health.

It can be easy to focus on what you're not, so make it a point to reflect on who you already are. Perhaps your idea of personal growth overlaps with some of the things mentioned below:

* You take responsibility for your actions.

* You view failure as an opportunity for growth.

* You know when to take a break.

* You recognize harmful patterns and relationships.

* You treat yourself and others more compassionately.

* You do not react to every thought or feeling.

* You identify and set healthy boundaries.

* Being able to recognize harmful relationships; knowing who to surround yourself with and who to cut out or spend less time around. It can be really hard but it's so important. I mean good things don't come easy.

* Following through on promises even on the days we don't feel like it!

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