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Vaccinate Whole World To End Pandemic, UN Chief Tells Davos - Mzansi Fuming

A huge stir has been caused on social media and many people are fuming. UN chief Antonio Guterres told the all-virtual Davos forum on Monday that the world must vaccinate everybody against COVID-19 to ensure a way out of the pandemic. People who are vaccinated and feel like the vaccine is good agree with him because they also feel like those are unvaccinated are bound to infect them.

Some people are extremely infuriated and I asking that why is he talking for the whole world not his country. There are people who do not want to get vaccinated for their own personal reasons and that should be respected. People's rights should not be taken away and another thing which was not used is that there is a decline in the number of infection yet there's quite a lot of people who haven't been vaccinated. This shows that even without the vaccine as long as people take good care of themselves they will be protected.

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Antonio Guterres Davos Mzansi Fuming Tells Davos UN


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