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Check on yourself as much as you check on social media:Mental health a silence killer.

SADAG claims that less than 18% of sufferers receive treatment for mental health, although over 85% depend on public sector services that only has 18 beds for every 100 000 people available. This is a concern.

A lot of people don't know that they are suffering from mental health because the symptoms may be visible to some may be not. The question is how then do you learn abour this. You simply need to CHECK yourself, whenn you notice that you become angry for nothing, you have changing moods,one moment you're fine the next you're hating yourself, you distance yourself from love ones, you have suicide thought or you want to hurt yourself the list is endless but you need help if you have those signs.

You first need to admit you have a problem then speak to your friend or family before going to a health care facility because you will need the support from love ones. Organizations like SADAG offer free counseling.

Moreover, as human beings we need to learn to rest, you can never have everything you want, things dont always go the way you want too, you need to cry it out amd vent if youre not okay. Self care is essential, binge watch series, do what you enjoy while you still trying to figure out things you have yourself once and trust the process.

Social media is very influential and many peope lose themselves trying to be like the next person, there is a reason why God created you that way because your uniqueness serves your purpose.

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