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Drinks that melt belly fat, say dietitians

"Black tea is good too, as it contains flavonoids and caffeine that boost your metabolism and digestion," says Dr. Djordjevic.

If you love some caffeine in the morning but don't do coffee, black tea provides the caffeine boost you need, while sizing down your weight

"Raw apple cider vinegar is great for reducing fat due to having acetic acid that decreases insulin levels, improves metabolism and suppress appetite, all-in-one," says Dr. Djordjevic. "As long as you don't mind the taste, although you can always use it in salads or find ways to integrate it into your diet

Drinking vinegar might seem over the top, but as more brands roll out signature "drinking vinegars," this far-fetched idea might not seem too outlandish. When it comes to cutting out some belly fat, give vinegar a chance and see what the buzz is about.

If you need to cut caffeine and want a tried and-true drink to help you lose some stomach weight, try a cup of ginger tea.

"Ginger tea helps reduce appetite and increase calorie expenditure, which is perfect for getting an energy boost before a workout," says Dr. Djordjevic.

"Raw vegetable juice… is low in carbs and high in fibers that reduce your hunger, keeping you from overeating," says Dr. Djordjevic.

You have always heard you need more servings of vegetables in your day, and now they can help you burn off extra belly fat. We can always get more fiber, and this filling addition can keep you moving through the day.

"Psyllium husk in water which is high in fiber, aiding indigestion," says Dr. Djordjevic.

If you've never heard of this drink, you have been missing out.

"Psyllium husk is a great choice for those wanting to speed up weight-loss and cut down belly-fat in a hurry," Dr. Djordjevic continues. "Usually taken as a supplement or mixed into water, Psyllium is essentially raw fiber made from the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant. [It's] taken as a bulk-forming laxative, as it soaks up water in the gut, boosting digestion. The good news is that it doesn't promote excessive flatulence like other laxatives and digestive supplements, which anyone can appreciate!"

If you don't fancy yourself much of a tea person, you might find a fun middle ground in kombucha.

"Kombucha is a potent source of probiotics, which help to support your healthy gut bacteria and reduce overall inflammation," says Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN and national spokesperson for Kelly's Choice.

The drink that typically combines black tea, fruit, and spices can get anyone excited and its tart, the refreshing taste makes it a pleasure to drink.

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