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Meet The Woman Who Walks On Backward Legs


Life has taught us many lessons including endurance, commitment, strength, self-sacrifice, love, patience, discipline, and faith even when hope is far from us.

Sometimes the only way we can go through problems is through them.

Meet Theresa, a disabled woman who goes to hell to care for her three (3) children to get an education.


He was born and raised normally in a happy but poor home. Although poor, they were very supportive and gave her everything she needed.

One day he fainted and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors taught that he had died only to find him breathing again. She spent two (2) weeks in hospital while receiving treatment.

When he woke up from his condition, he underwent surgery and has not been able to walk again since he was 12 years old.

Theresa is now asking to help private individuals, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

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