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Secret Muthi you need to drink before eating your morning breakfast (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

A lot of people don't know that there are certain muthi which they need to drink. When facing challenges with their skin or stomach problems.

Today I will be teaching you about Muthi you need to drink once a month to cleanse your stomach. It is ok to eat junk food but you also need to cleanse by detoxing using a mixture of Aloe Vera and African potato.

This combo helps to detox when you notice pimple breakout showing that Inyongo is on the way. You will then need to boil a mixture of aloe vera and African potato. After that you let it cool before drinking. Don't wait for the muthi to get cold. You will need to drink this before eating your breakfast.

After drinking this combo you will get runny stomach in about 5 minutes time. All you have to do next is to drink a lot of water without drinking milk or soda. Trust me you will recover from illness that causes you to stay tired all day. It's summer prepare this combo for your child Inyongo is dangerous.

If you prepare aloe vera alone the muthi will come out green after boiling. When you add African potato and other herbs the muthi will be brown in color.

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