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HIV positive? You need to do this before it is too late


We are all aware that HIV-positive people can only live if they take antiretroviral medication. But how many of you properly comprehend the effects of ARVs on your body?

It is very ,much logical, I believe that we all know that every drug has a positive and negative effects on our bodies. Be it legal or illegal, thus I present this information to you.

Have you considered the risks of consuming them for a lengthy period of time? As a result, I'm writing today because I'm worried.

I felt concerned after learning more about ARVs and felt the need to share my findings.

One of the negative effects of ARVs has been discovered: it affects your nervous system and may cause heart problems.

It is stated that the others make it harder for a person to sleep. Such that, if you were using ARVs, you must be informed that your health may be jeopardized and your life expectancy may be shortened.

Would you say that it would be wise to stop taking the ARVs or not? What is your take on this matter?

Did you know that a cure for HIV is about to be released? to find more about this:

With the cure to be released, it would be better if people stop it with the RVs. What do you think?


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