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Use these herbs to prevent nightmares

Many people are struggling to sleep at night due to having nightmares once they close their eyes.

Nightmares can be caused by trauma, watching scary movies, ordinary stresses of your daily life and reading scary books.

Well if you are experiencing bad dreams or nightmares and they are a problem to you, there are herbs that may help keep them away.

Here are some of the herbs that can help you fight the suffering of bad dreams or nightmares

- Rosemary

- Angelica

- Anise

- Hyssop

- Thyme

- Burdock

Spearmint and peppermint can also help make dreams more vivid. Gingko Biloba can improve brain function and also sharpen the dreaming mind.

If you are not a herb person try the following

1. Try quite calming activities such as

- reading books

- doing puzzles

- soaking in a warm bath before bed time 2. Meditating also helps

- Just a deep breath with a little bit exercises may help.

Stay healthy at all times.

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Angelica Anise Burdock Hyssop Thyme


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