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Here's how many people died of Covid 19 from the 30th of July to the 17th of August.

The National Department of Health posted a chart detailing the Covid 19 Statistics yesterday. This chart covers the 30th of July to the 17th of August and one of the statistics are particularly troubling. Below I will give you all of the details as well as some tips to protect yourself from the virus.

While the number of new cases and the number of active cases in the Country for this period of time are relatively low compared to what we used to see. The number of deaths are a little worrisome. It sits at eighty four for this period of time, which is just over half a month.

While this may not seem like a large number, we have to look at it for what it is. Not just a statistic but an illustration of real people who have died. People whose families had to bury them. Which is why we should continue to protect ourselves from the virus.

Because Covid 19 is still a danger to people, though not as much as it used to be, people still have to protect themselves against it. Which is why I would like to urge people to once again follow the protocols that we used to.

While it's no longer required in most parts of the Country I urge people to wear masks again, keep a safe distance from strangers and sanitize their hands. As protecting ourselves will ensure that we do not fall victim to it.

I also urge people to always sanitize themselves and items from outside before they enter their homes, to kill any germs they are carrying.

While most people are forgetting about the virus and life seems to be going back to normal, these numbers should be a very clear warning that there is still a danger that we should be cautious off.

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