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A man at work leaves many in stitches after something begins biting in his pants.

Sometimes what causes an itchy sensation in people's pants is that with some people there is the concentration of chemicals added to the pants to make them wrinkle resistant which can cause an allergic reaction. If that should be the case you will need to buy organic material with no stays or stick to cottons that will need ironing and wash them well with a hypoallergenic detergent.

It could also be possible that the pants regardless of the fabric are aggravating an underlying allergenic medical condition causing your legs to become unbearably itchy.

This was not the case though with a gentleman who has gone viral on social media after he was dancing in agony as he was battling with itchy pants.👇🏿

In this gentleman's case there was definitely something in his that was giving him discomfort and biting. Many were left in stitches as they responded and reacted to the post.

You can check out the video via this link:

In the video the gentleman can be seen wiggling and scratching as if he was dancing but in actual fact something was tormenting him.

Some suggested that he should have taken his pants off, but how can one do that in front of colleagues at work, this was just an awkward moment for the guy but it seems he came out of the situation alright.

People have been left wondering as to what could have been disturbing the man's peace. 

A lot of hilarious comments were shared on social media after this post was made as you will see below in the comments box. 

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