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List of Mzansi celebrities who are living with HIV

Regardless of how much time has passed since we first learned about HIV/AIDS, people have had to face the reality of becoming infected. Being open about your HIV status can be difficult, especially if you're in the public eye, and it can be even more difficult if your friends and family know about your status.

It's not uncommon for celebrities to open up about this part of their lives to the public. Most of us benefit from this choice because it allows them to acculturate the infection of many people who might otherwise be unable to come into contact with someone who has the infection openly. Many ways they can assist in bringing issues to light and eliminating shame exist.

It's important to note that my goal in writing this article is not to mock them, but rather to demonstrate to readers that living with HIV/AIDS doesn't mean you have to give up your normal way of life.

Musa Njoko, known as "Sovereign"

In 1995, a year before HIV medications were widely available in her native South Africa, the well-known 22-year-old gospel singer told the world she was HIV positive. The isolation and contempt she encountered were shocking, but she was also given support and encouragement to go on living a long, full life despite the same circumstances she had previously encountered.

To thabang sefatsa

After being diagnosed with HIV in 2013, the former Rose United midfielder continues to battle the disease. Thabang, who had been infected with HIV for nearly five years, revealed his status at an AIDS awareness event in Pretoria in 2016. In addition, he claimed he was disseminating unobtrusive messages to encourage other players to do the same.

Saidy Brown is the author.

Sadie Brown, a model and performer in her twenties, is one of the many well-known HIV-positive people in Mzansi. At the age of 14, she realized she had the infection. Because of the infection she picked up from them, her parents died. As a child of nine, her father passed away, followed a year later by her mother. A school HIV test first made her aware of her condition; she was shocked by the results and didn't tell her aunt until half a year after they were obtained. Her parents' HIV status should be made clear to her, as well as the possible source of her infection. When she was just 16-years-old, she was forced to take a prescription after she refused treatment for two years.

Dumashe, Crisselda

Writer Criselda Dudumashe has written a book called "You'll Never Be Alone: God's Favorite Daughter," in which she discusses her current situation and how she copes with it.

AIDS envoy Criselda has been working for a long time. When she spoke out about her debilitating illness, she met people from all over the country.

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