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New Information Revealed About Unvaccinated People

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There are a lot of people who are still saying that they will never get vaccinated because of things they have seen on social media which may be true or totally wrong.

There have been many myths and false information being circulated by people about getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Some people mentioned things such as being severely ill after taking the vaccine and some people talked about even people losing their lives.

On the other hand, there has been new information that has been revealed about people who are not vaccinated in a case whereby they catch Covid-19.

See below:

The above information simply means that people who are not vaccinated against this virus are highly likely to be in a bad health state than someone who is vaccinated.

Also, people who are not vaccinated are very likely to lose their lives as compared to someone who is vaccinated.

People still have a lot of questions and need more information about Covid-19 and being vaccinated, check some questions and answers below:

1. Question: Are people going to be forced to be vaccinated?

Answer: President Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned during his last address to the nation that people will not be forced to vaccinate. Some companies may ask their employees to vaccinate against Covid-19.

2. Question: Will I lose my job if I do not want to vaccinate?

Answer: As I mentioned above that some companies could ask their employees to take the vaccine but they should never force them. By law, no one is expected to lose their job because of being against the vaccine mandate.

3. Question: What will happen to people who are not vaccinated in South Africa?

Answer: No one will be forced to vaccinate and a lot of people will eventually overcome the fear of being vaccinated.

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