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Opinion:See Three Worst Dangerous Fruits Not To Eat In Your Early Pregnancy

Fruits plays a great role in our everyday health diet and eating more fruits helps to fight some of deadly diseases such as cancer and diabetes because of nutrients and antioxidants in fruits.

However ,its best for someone to check whatever you consume when you are expecting to see if you are taking is best for you and your unborn child.

Below are some fruits that you are not suppose to eat in your first trimester

Pineapple and Paw Paw (Papaya)is not good at all for pregnant women,more especially in early stages of pregnancy.

Raw Paw paw

It raises the blood pressure which is not good for pregnant woman.


Pineapple soften the cervix which can lead to early labor and miscarriage ,and also consuming Pineapples in large quanties will cause dehydration and diarrhea .

However you can only eat pineapple when you want to go to labor when you are struggling,because it helps induce labour. Pineapple cause contractions/labour pains.So pregnant woman can only eat pineapple when they reach 9 months or when they are over due


It is advised that women avoid grapes during their pregnancy. This is because grapes contain resveratrol, a toxic compound that could cause poisoning or other pregnancy complications.

Also digestive system of pregnant women is weak and the skin of black grapes becomes non-digestible by the weakened digestive system of pregnant women. Acidity becomes common along with nausea and vomiting for pregnant women if she eats too many grapes. Loose motions and diarrhoea may occur due to eating too many grapes.

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