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Prevention and management of heartburn with these methods and solutions

Do you know what causes a sudden burning sensation in the chest? Ever experienced the pain right behind the breast bone, especially after eating? Well, these are the signs of heartburn. Occasional heartburns are normal and there is nothing much to fret about it. But, you need to be careful if it becomes too frequent and starts disturbing your routine life. There are simple ways to prevent heartburn or if you want to get rid of it.

Before knowing all the preventive measures for heartburn, you should be aware of its symptoms and causes.

How to identify heartburn?

There are some common symptoms associated with heartburn. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Intense and sudden burning pain in the chest (just nearby the breast bone).The pain increases if you try to bend Feeling pukishThe foul taste of the mouth.

Acid reflux

Facing problem in swallowingLoss of appetite.

The above-mentioned symptoms of heartburn can arise due to any of the following causes:


Chronic smoking

Excess body weight/ObesityPregnancy

Heartburn happens when the acid refluxes from the stomach into the food pipe (esophagus). The reflux happens when the sphincter remains slightly open or is weak to prevent the abnormal flow of the acid from the stomach.

How to prevent heartburn?

Heartburn can happen to anyone, especially a person who consumes too much spicy and fatty food is more prone to it. A person can face the symptoms of heartburn if they eat their food too quickly. Therefore, you should not have your meals in a hurry as it will only cause you trouble.

Try and limit the consumption of the following drinks and foods that can cause heartburn:

Citrus fruits and vegetablesCaffeinated beverages (tea and coffee)Carbonated drinks such as soda, cola, etcToo many chocolatesExcess intake of tomato, lemon, and orange juiceDeep-fried food itemsOnion and garlic.

Mild antacids for heartburn

Over the counter antacids are quite commonly used for heartburns due to acid reflux. Antacids have neutralizing effects on acid reflux. Some mild antacids are easily available without prescriptions. Such antacids provide instant relief to heartburn but are not the permanent solution. It’s wise to only use prescribed medicine.

How to manage the problem of heartburn?

Do not fret if heartburn is troubling you, there are simple yet effective tips to manage heartburn. The key to deal effectively with heartburn is to manage acid reflux.

Following these tips will help you in beating the excess acid production and hence the acid reflux.  

Maintain a proper healthy diet, and limit the consumption of fat.Do not lie down immediately after eating.Maintain a gap of 2-3 hours between your meal and bedtime.Have your meals in a comfortable sitting position.Avoid unnecessary heavy straining physical activities.Maintain a normal BMI (body mass index), to stay away from the health risks of obesity.   Be mindful of what you eat so that you can stay away from the trigger foods of heartburn.Rather than having one heavy meal, have small meals in every 2-3 hours Quit smoking and drinkingAvoid wearing clothes that are too tight around your waistGet sufficient sound sleep Manage stress

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