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"The Vaccine For Polio I Got At Primary Never Made Sick Again" Mzwanele Drops A Bombshell To Cyril



The president of South Africa was expected to put the country on a high spot when it was announced that he was going to address the nation on Saturday night. This is because whenever the president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa is always expected to address the nation as he is always expected to come up with the bad news.

This is because whenever there is a new development in the country it is always expected that the country will be in another restriction lockdown level. This is because another new variant has now been discovered in South Africa of which is called the omicron. According to the science advisory team is always expected to be more severe as it might be the cause of the upcoming fourth wave.

The country is now in shock do believes that South Africa is always attracted by a different variant that seems not to pose a threat. This is because every quarter the country has been notified about the dangers of the variant as it can cause havoc of which is not always the case but the opposite.

The people of South Africa have now been advised to take the vaccine jab as It saves a life. The president rests assured that people should not worry about the vaccine as it is the only weapon that can protect them.

"The vaccine for polio I got at primary, never made me sick again" the spokesperson of the Jacob Zuma foundation Mzwanele Manyi drops a bombshell to Cyril Ramaphosa by posting this tweet. The reason he said this is all because, in his time when he was in primary days when learners were opposed to vaccines for polio, he never got sick unlike what people are feeling this day after being vaccinated for Covid-19.

This is because the vaccine that Ramaphosa introduced to the country is not 100% accurate to save anyone from being infected by the virus as it only stops the severeness of the virus. This is why most people don't find it in their heart to the vaccine as what is important to them is to be alive without being vaccinated.

What is your intake on this and why?

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